People of Programming Languages

An interview project in conjunction with POPL 2018  

Benjamin Pierce

Benjamin Pierce is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. In this interview we talk about his research, how his many influential books came about, and what he sees as the “programming languages” way of viewing things.

Xavier Leroy

Xavier Leroy is a senior scientist at INRIA and leader of the Gallium team on the design, formalization, and implementation of programming languages and systems. We talk about creating OCaml, the relationship between programming and research, and the CompCert verified C compiler.

Stephanie Weirich

Stephanie Weirich is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. We talk about her programming practice, her work on language features for Haskell, and what it's been like working on language design in a language with industry users.

Nikhil Swamy

Nikhil Swamy is a Senior Researcher in the RiSE group at Microsoft Research Redmond. We talk about his work on using dependent types for writing verifiably secure programs, including the origins and evolution of the F* programming language.

David Walker

David Walker is a Professor in Princeton’s Computer Science Department. We talk about his influential work on typed assembly and PADS/ML, a data description language, as well as the skeptical initial community response to typed assembly.

Zoe Paraskevopoulou

Zoe Paraskevopoulou is a PhD student at Princeton University working with Andrew Appel on compiling dependently typed programs and randomized testing for theorem provers. Interview coming soon.

Danel Ahman

Danel Ahman is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Prosecco team with Cătălin Hriţcu in INRIA Paris. He is interested in dependent types, computational effects, and the design, semantics, and applications of programming languages that bring these two exciting research areas together. Interview coming soon.

Matthias Felleisen

Matthias Feilleisen (Northeastern) developed the reduction-based (aka evaluation context) variant of operational semantics, worked on the full abstraction problem for PCF, and co-created Racket with Matthew Flatt and PLT. In addition to his research, he also launched well-known K-12 outreach projects and authored numerous educational books. Interview coming soon.

Azadeh Farzan

Azadeh Farzan is a Professor at the University of Toronto interested in software verification, programming langauges, formal methods, and program synthesis, all with an emphasis on concurrency-related issues. Interview coming soon.

James Bornholt

James Bornhold is a PhD student at the University of Washington, advised by Emina Torlak, Dan Grossman, and Luiz Ceze. He works on programming languages and formal methods, from program synthesis frameworks to consistency models. Interview coming soon.

Thomas Reps

Thomas Reps is the J. Barkley Rosser Professor and Rajiv and Ritu Batra Chair in the Computer Sciences Department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, known for his work on static analysis. Interview coming soon.

Ezgi Çiçek

Ezgi Çiçek is a final year PhD student at MPI-SWS advised by Deepak Garg. She is mainly interested in type systems, incremental computation and relational reasoning with a focus on cost analysis. Interview coming soon.

Hongseok Yang

Hongseok Yang is a Professor in the School of Computing at KAIST, South Korea working on probabilistic programming and the formalization of real-world concurrent and distributed systems. Interview coming soon.

Ralf Jung

Ralf Jung is a PhD student at MPI-SWS and Saarland University under the supervision of Derek Dreyer, currently working on giving a formal model to Rust's type system as part of the RustBelt project. Interview coming soon.

Simon Peyton-Jones

Simon Peyton-Jones (Microsoft Research Cambridge) researches the implementations and applications of functional programming languages. He was heavily involved in the design of Haskell and the development of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC). Interview coming soon.