LTI students have to take a mandatory Colloquium class every semester where researchers from various fields are invited to come give talks. The talk part, I like. The part I don't like is the requirement at the end of the semester to write a report on one or more of the talks. This is a waste of time for students as well as faculty. So over the last few years, I've been submitting increasingly ridiculous reports. Here are some samples.

Fall 2015: Clay tablet

Spring 2015: I hacked our TTS system into a Text-to-Interpretive-Dance synthesizer as part of my report. Drop by my office if you want a demo

Fall 2014: Embedded the colloquium report into the spectrogram of an audio signal. Use wavesurfer to look at the spectrogram of this signal

Spring 2014: Automatically generated a colloquium report by putting a colloquium speaker's papers through a text summarizer. I added some of my own thoughts about this particular speaker's papers which can't be made public. So, with my future career in mind, this report will remain hidden. :)

Fall 2013: Constrained writing. I only used the 1000 most commonly used words in English to write this report

The reports older than this aren't absurd enough to post. So, the list will stop here.

A big note of thanks to my advisor for being good humored about this, and not making me write more sensible reports.