The Workshops on Non-Silicon Computing

Workshop Description

The amazing success of computing over the past thirty years is based in large part on advances in the fabrication of CMOS-based integrated circuits, and both engineers and consumers have come to expect and plan for exponential increases in system performance over time. However, a number of physical and economic factors threaten the continued scaling of CMOS devices, motivating research into computing systems based on other technologies. A number of alternatives to silicon VLSI have been proposed, including techniques based on molecular electronics, quantum mechanics, and biological processes. This workshop will focus on the architectures, compilers, and programming models necessary to exploit novel computing technologies that will replace (or co-exist) with CMOS. Papers are solicted on all issues related to non-silicon computing, including, but not limited to, circuit and system architectures, programming techniques, and reliability.

Workshop History Submissions

NSC-3 in conjuction with ISCA 2004

NSC-2 in conjuction with ISCA and FCRC 2003

NSC-1 in conjunction with HPCA 8

May 10, 2004. Extended (no longer than 4 page) abstract to

May 20, 2004. Author Notification.

June 5, 2004. Camera-Ready papers.

June 19 or 20, 2004. Workshop (TBD).