Partial Index to Ray Tracing News

The following is an index to some of the articles in Ray Tracing News, an electronic newsletter edited by Eric Haines . I created the index primarily to organize the articles from RTN devoted to the topic of spatial data structures for optimizing ray tracing, but I've also included some other articles that looked interesting to me. The index was created for a course I'm teaching.

Each article is listed just once, with title, author(s), and in some cases, my summary or comments on the article in italics. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the information in these articles. RTN articles generally have quality somewhere between that of a SIGGRAPH paper and a posting. But that's a wide range!

Please let me know of errors or mis-categorizations you find here.

Spatial Data Structures for Optimizing Ray Tracing

Optimizing Ray Tracing, General

Ray-Surface Intersection

Ray Tracing, General

Soft Shadows

Texture Mapping


Radiosity and Global Illumination


Index created by Paul Heckbert, 5 Oct. 1996