Group Photos, NYIT Computer Graphics Lab

NYIT Computer Graphics Lab Reunion
SIGGRAPH '98 in Orlando FL, July 1998

Standing, left to right: John Lewis, Geoff Gardner, Hank Grebe, Andrew Glassner, Kevin Hunter, David Sturman, Tom Duff, Robert McDermott, Darcy Gerbarg, Sterling Stites, Steve DiPaola, Ralph Guggenheim
Seated: Ned Greene, Paul Heckbert, Patrick Hanrahan, Ed Catmull, Alvy Ray Smith, Lance Williams, Christine Barton
Seated on floor: Susan Van Baerle, Jules Bloomenthal, Tom Brigham, Michael Chou, David Geshwind

Photo by Mike Chou.

Group Photo, NYIT Computer Graphics Lab, on lawn outside Gerry House, 1985

Standing, left to right: Al Arthur, Bruce Perens, Annette Zacharia, Bruce Doll, Terri Doll, Rex Grignon, Glenn McQueen, Cam Macmillan, Ken Wesley, Robert Thornton, Mike Chai, John Schlag, Greg Glass, Eddie Langone, John Tillman, Rick Ace, John Lewis, Tom Shermer.
Squatting/kneeling/sitting/lying: Ned Greene, Duane Palyka, Haresh Lalvani, Sue Sparks, Howard Spielman, Margaret Twomey, Lance Williams, Mary Mazarella, Frank D'Aprile, Amber Denker, Paul Heckbert, Francis Glebas, Joan LaPallo, Steve DiPaola, Michael O'Rourke, Lynn Klein, Pat Hanrahan.

Photo scanned by John Schlag.

If you have either of these photos and you can make a better scan, please do so and send it to me (as of 8/98, John plans to re-scan the latter). If you have other group photos (higher res?), photos of the inside of Gerry House, or photos of NYITers at work, please scan them and send them to me for inclusion here!

NYIT Campfire at SIGGRAPH '98

Alvy Ray Smith (partially hidden), Paul Heckbert, Ed Catmull, Alex Schure, Lance Williams, David Geshwind.

Photo by Ned Greene.

Synthetic pictures from NYIT CGL

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