15-869: Image Based Modeling and Rendering

Chris Rodriguez

Project Progress Report


Problem:  Create a system for real-time motion capture for use as an input device for a personal computer.

Previous Work: 

  1. W4: A Real Time System for Detecting and Tracking People (Haritaoglu, Harwood & Davis)
  2. Pfinder: Real-Time Tracking of the Human Body (Wren, Azarbayejani, Darrel & Pentland)
  3. Real-time human motion analysis by image skeletonization (Fujiyoshi & Lipton)


  1. Image Subtraction

  2. Image Skeletonization


   I describe using a combination of algorithm to do the image subtraction and skeletonization.  Also, these methods were used to identify human motion.  I plan to use this algorithm as a hand gesture tracker for use as an input to a personal computer. 


    After initially calibrating the system with a background, check for new objects in the scene.  The backgrounds I would use would be simple, as well as have very few lighting changes.  I will then use add another object in the scene.  My test case so far is a cluttered desk with a drop cloth behind it and a ping pong ball moving through it.  Once I have the ability to track a new object in the scene, it will be easy to test the image skeletonization by visualizing it on the computer screen.  I will attempt to get direct input to the computer of a hand and attempt to track the 5 most extreme points - which should be the fingers.  Then test if I can save or match motions.