Project Progress Report

Liu Ren
CSD Ph.D.  Student
Wean Hall 8205


(1) Problem being solved:

Texture Synthesis For Hole Filling

(2) Previous Work :

Efros 's MRF-based method ;De Bonet's multi-resolution filter-based approach;Hirani's frequency and spatial domain based methods;

(3)algorithm I am using:

a. Make some classifications for holes( small holes, big holes,or holes caused by expansion or by exposure)
b. Use Efros's method to fill "big" holes (often caused by exposure)
c. Use other methods(triangle-based surface model or Gaussian-weighted hole filling methods) to  fill "small"
  holes( often caused by expansion)

(4) What's novel:

a. Find a hybrid-method for hole filling based on  holes' classification
b.Determine the sample image for Efros's method  semi-automatically or automatically (depending on the result)

(5)Inputs and Outputs
a. For inputs,change the data in Assignment 2 by adding various background texture (as a part of the implementation)
b. For outputs, compare the results with other simple hole filling methods.