Results for 15-869: Image-Based Modeling and Rendering

Some pictures and explanations.

Original images :

This building is one of the famous buildings in CMU,but I don't know its name. I use seven or eight corresponding points which are located at the lattices in the windows or at the corner of the building and trash boxes(white ones and green one in the picture) or the two end points of the lamp in front of the building. Here is the result:

Note the white lines on the lawn.Sometimes bad corresponding points will make double lines for each real white line in the picture.It is quite hard to find good corresponding points in the original pictures, for half of the picture is occupied by the lawn, where it is hard to find any suitable marks.However, more corresponding points in the building still help get a better result.

Here is a bad result.It is a typical non-planar scene.

About my program:

1.I use VC++6.0 and OpenGL to write the codes. programming work includes: User interface,Image regestering,Image Wraping,and Image Compositing.
2.Every two image(1152*872) warping will take about average 40 secs, medium ones do faster.