Buying a copy of the Guide to Living in Pittsburgh

For those looking to purchase copies from a retailer, the 9th edition of the Guide to Living in Pittsburgh is now available in the Carnegie Mellon University bookstore and other bookstores in the Pittsburgh region. You can also order online from Barnes & Noble.

Registered non-profit organizations that are sales tax exempt can contact us directly to enquire about volume discounts. You may contact us via:

  • Electronic mail:
  • US Mail:
             Guide to Living in Pittsburgh
    	 School of Computer Science
    	 Carnegie Mellon University
    	 5000 Forbes Ave
    	 Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
    	 Attn: Dec/5 Contact Person
  • Fax: (412) 268-5576. Please send to the attention of Dec/5 Contact Person.
  • Resellers and other retailers can contact our distributor, Renaissance News, Inc. directly.

  • US Mail:
             Renaissance News, Inc.
    	 5235 Clairton Boulevard
    	 Pittsburgh, PA, 15236
  • Phone: (412) 881-4848.
  • Fax: (412) 881-5422.
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