RoboCup 2003 Coachable Teams

This web page is the official release point for the coachable teams to be used at the RoboCup2003 coach competition. Check further information about the simulation league.

General Information

All updates to this page and the releases will be announced on the coach mailing list. If you find problems with the teams released here or you feel that a team is unacceptable for some reason, please discuss it on the coach mailing list (preferred) or by sending me email.

No coach should use relative points; use point arithmetic instead. Relative points were not included in the manual, and are not needed now that we have full point arithmetic

Example: Don't do this:

(pt 10 10 (pt ball))
use this instead:
((pt 10 10) + (pt ball)) 

Thank you to the groups who contributed coachable teams!


Created and Managed by Patrick Riley, Coach Competition Organizer for RoboCup 2003