Jérôme Pesenti

Jérôme Pesenti

Visiting Scientist

Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University (where?)
Pittsburgh PA 15213-3891 - USA


(412) 268-7896; fax: (412) 268-5567; office: Doherty Hall 4301F
The link below display some document collections organized and annotated by the program I am currently developing in collaboration with Raúl E. Valdés-Pérez .

The Hyperbolic Tree program used to display the trees comes from Inxight and has been developed by Xerox.

If the tree doesn't appear click on the screen... or reload your browser. A list representation can be obtained by clicking on the "List" button. Please click on the "Left" button for a better view of the descriptions.

The 500 largest Awards archived on www.nsf.org.

The CMU Computer Science Department.

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