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Pebbles SlideShow Commander for PocketPC
is available commercially from Installigent!

See the Handango page for SlideShow Commander for PocketPC

Slide Show Commander for Windows CE and Pocket PC

From the Pittsburgh Pebbles PDA Project     

by Rob Miller, Brad Myers


Slide Show Commander allows the PDA user to control a PowerPoint presentation. It also allows other attendees who using PebblesPC to annotate on the current slide.

There are two views for Slide Show Commander for Windows CE:

  • Slide View: When a presentation is playing (when the "Slide Show" is being viewed), this view displays a picture of the current slide and the notes associated with it.  It also emulates the desktop computer's mouse, so that the user can draw on the slide. Multiple Pebbles users may draw, but there is only one mouse cursor, so users must take turns. Pebbles automatically changes the color so each user has a different color. As long as users take turns nicely, their annotations will be in different colors.
  • Titles View: Displays the list of slide titles, so the presenter can easily switch to a different slide.

Here are some screenshots that show examples of these:


Getting Slide Show Commander for PocketPC

The Windows CE / PocketPC version of SlideShow Commander has been licensed to Synergy Solutions, so it is not included in the file.

If you want to use SlideShow for Palm, please buy it from Synergy. There is also a  free, time-limited, demo version of SlideShow for Palm available from Synergy for free.

Selected academic researchers, and also employees of the US government and Microsoft can get the research version of SlideShow Commander. Contact us for more information.

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