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[DIR] Parent Directory - [IMG] Brad and Rep. Jay In..> 01-Jan-2003 00:00 589K [IMG] Brad and Rep. Jay In..> 01-Jan-2003 00:00 592K [IMG] Doyle with Brad 1.JPG 01-Jan-2003 00:00 670K [IMG] Doyle with Brad 2.JPG 27-Apr-2005 17:08 879K [IMG] Doyle with Brad 3.JPG 27-Apr-2005 17:08 906K [IMG] Doyle with Brad 4.JPG 27-Apr-2005 17:08 908K [IMG] Doyle with Brad 5.JPG 27-Apr-2005 17:08 897K [IMG] Doyle with Brad and ..> 01-Jan-2003 00:00 633K [IMG] Doyle with Jake 1.JPG 27-Apr-2005 19:10 918K [IMG] Doyle with Jake 2.JPG 27-Apr-2005 19:11 908K [IMG] Doyle with Jake 3.JPG 27-Apr-2005 17:11 903K [IMG] Doyle with Jake 4.JPG 27-Apr-2005 17:11 958K [IMG] Doyle with Jake 5.JPG 27-Apr-2005 17:12 948K [IMG] Doyle with Jake 6.JPG 01-Jan-2003 00:00 690K [IMG] Doyle with Jake 7.JPG 01-Jan-2003 00:00 632K [IMG] doyle.JPG 01-Jan-2003 00:00 633K [IMG] inslee.JPG 01-Jan-2003 00:00 589K [IMG] table 1.JPG 01-Jan-2003 00:00 631K [IMG] table 2.JPG 01-Jan-2003 00:00 604K [IMG] table 3.JPG 01-Jan-2003 00:00 659K