I am a Senior Researcher in the Context, Learning, and User Experience for Search (CLUES) group at Microsoft Research . I completed my Ph.D. in the Computer Science Department at CMU under Jaime Carbonell and John Lafferty. When I was at CMU, I used to help organize the Information Retrieval Discussion Series.

A fairly current list of my publications is available on my Microsoft Research Homepage. A less frequently updated listing is kept at CMU. I am also engaged in a variety of professional service activies. My CV is available upon request.

Data Sets & Software

The RADAR Action-Item Dataset is available here.

At the request of several researchers in the field, I put together a small package for Recalibrating Classifiers in 2004-2005. It is provided AS-IS and with NO WARRANTY and is available here.


My wife, Tina's Page. More pictures.


When I haven't injured a knee, shoulder, hip, or ankle, I enjoy running, playing soccer and ball hockey, and working out in general.

My Personal Records.


If you're looking for my SCS Espresso Web Page, look no further.

At one time, I was the co-editor of the 9th Edition of the Guide to Living in Pittsburgh.


Here's a page of what were my most useful links; now I rarely update them.

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Paul N. Bennett
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