Problem Based Benchmark Suite

Sparse-Triangle Intersection (RAY):

Given a set of triangles contained inside a 3d bounding box and a set of rays that penetrate the box, calculate for each ray the first triangle it intersects.

Input and Output File Formats

The input consists of two files. The first file is a sequence of triangles in the triangle file format. The triangles need have 3 dimensional coordinates. The second file is a sequence of 3 dimensional rays in the ray file format. The source of each ray needs to be outside the axis align bounding box for the triangles. The output needs to be in the sequence file format and must contain for each input ray the integer index of the first triangle it intersects (0 based).

Default Input Distributions

This benchmark is run on three meshes, which are distributed as part of the benchmark. In all cases a set of random rays coming from one side of the bounding box are generated using
addRays <triangelFile> <raylFile>
This generates a number of rays equal to the number of triangles. All three inputs are weighted equally. The input files are:
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This project has been funded by the following sources:
Intel Labs Academic Research Office for the Parallel Algorithms for Non-Numeric Computing Program,
National Science Foundation, and
IBM Research.