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Geometry File Formats:

The geometry file formats include points in 2 and 3 dimensions and triangles. All formats are ascii and entries are delimited by any consecutive sequence of delimiter characters: tab, space, line feed (ascii 0x0A), and carriage return (ascii 0x0D). Files can start and end with delimiters, which are ignored.


The points file format consists of a sequence of pairs of coordinates (2 dimensions) or triples of coordinates (3 dimensions). Each coordinate is a real number capable of fitting withing double precision accuracy. The number can be either in decimal or exponential notation. The specific format for 2d points is:

<x0> <y0>
<x1> <y1>
<x(n-1)> <y(n-1)>

and for 3d points:

<x0> <y0> <z0>
<x1> <y1> <z1>
<x(n-1)> <y(n-1)> <z(n-1)>


For rays we use the same format as points, but pair up adjacent points. The first of each pair is the source of the ray and the second the direction. Therefore a file with n rays is equivalent to one with 2n points.


The triangles format starts with a sequence of coordinates and is followed by a sequence of triangles. Each coordinate is either a 2d or 3d point as in the point formats. Each triangle is a triple consisting of the indices of the coordinates of its three corners. The indices are zero based and refer to the position of the coordinate in the file. The number of coordinates and triangles is included in the file. In particular for 2d coordinates the format is as follows:

<x0> <y0>
<x1> <y1>
<x(n-1)> <y(n-1)>;
<a0> <b0> <c0>
<a1> <b1> <c1>
<a(m-1)> <b(m-1)> <c(m-1)>

The format for triangles with 3d coordinates is the same but consists of n triples instead of pairs.

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