Problem Based Benchmark Suite

Comparison Sort (SORT):

Given a sequence of elements of any (uniform) type and a comparison function over the elements, sort the elements into ascending order. The elements consists of a key and possible auxiliary data, and the comparison function must define a total order over the keys. The sort need not be stable. The code must not take advantage of the specific type beyond the comparison function.

Input and Output File Formats

The input and output data need to be in the sequence file format, both with the same element type. The output file must be in sorted order with respect to the given comparison function.

Default Input Distributions

Each distribution should be run for n=10,000,000. Currently none of the inputs use auxiliary data. The weight of each input for the purpose of reporting average times is given in parentheses.
last modified 15:18, 05 Jun 2012

This project has been funded by the following sources:
Intel Labs Academic Research Office for the Parallel Algorithms for Non-Numeric Computing Program,
National Science Foundation, and
IBM Research.