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Wiggle Circle Animator v0.1:
This applet was the response to a challenge that you can't create art with only circles. With it, you can create amazing animations with wiggly groups of circles. The only limit is your imagination! (And your artistic ability, 
but let's ignore that for now).

1. Draw circles by left clicking, delete by right clicking.
2. For each group of circles, you can change how much and how fast they wiggle horizontally and vertically.
3. Because they wiggle, it's hard to know where you're drawing circles, so try pressing the pause button for more accuracy.

All of the controls have tooltip help, so just hover the mouse over them for specifics.

This applet was developed with Java and the Netbeans IDE. Here's the version 0.1 Java source code

The original version of this program was made with Python 3, PyGame, and the Komodo Edit IDE.
Here's the version 0.09 Python source code