This page is to help Jai enjoy her time in Spain, by reducing her worries. Things at home are fine!

July 1: The Kids are Still Alive

Any hostage taker worth his salt knows you need to send a photo with today's newspaper to prove the hostages are still alive.

You can't hear it, but they're saying "We're being treated well"



July 1: Cookin' with Daddy
My wife is a really terrific cook. I am not. But I am willing to hold some meal events she won't , such as "make your own color of macaroni and cheese" luncheons. BIG hit with the under-6 crowd! Dylan went for blue, Logan went for green, and Daddy went for Lemon-Lime.


July 1: Lots of Help...

This is Holly, who along with Laura and Kelly, are making it possible for me to pull this off...



July 1: Cutie Squirrel -- captured on film!

Our kids claim that Cutie Squirrel lives in our front yard. Like the Yeti and Loch Ness Monster, he had never previously been caught on film...



July 1: Havin' a Blast

The weather has been great; we've spent almost no time indoors


July 1: Shaving Cream and Food Coloring


Our neighbor Natalie came over for a shaving cream party with the boys... Dylan particularly enjoyed this

Enjoy yourself, Jai - things are fine back home!

Love, Randy and the kids.