iSite CD Direct: Direct Media Authoring Tool

The iSite CD Direct tools allows iSite 3.2 users to create and burn the personalized CD's of diagnostic images and patient information. The patient images are all lossless (unless the iSite Server received lossy images from another source). These iSite CD's have a modified version of iSite Enterprise embedded on the disk. All the end-user needs to do is put the disk in their computer and it will run automatically. User documentation and two quick-reference windows are included on the resulting disk for the end-user's convenience.

The CD Direct tool works by exporting all the necessary information to a folder of your choosing on your computer. This export folder can be located on a writable disk (such as a zip disk), on your hard drive or on a mounted disk.

To create a CD using the CD Direct authoring tool, simply drag the desired patient exams to the CD Manager folder in the iSite Folder List, as seen below.

These exams can be dragged from any worklist, whether the Patient Directory, a system or personal filter. Exams can also be added to the CD Manager folder through right-click menus in the Exam Information Area and Patient History Timeline of the Canvas Page. For more information on those menus, please click here.

To view the exams that you have selected for writing to direct media, click the CD Manager Folder. The following window will be displayed in the main portion of the iSite screen.

As seen in the window above, the upper portion of the CD Direct window shows a list of all the exams that have been selected for writing to a direct media (in this case a CD). The exam information in the upper portion includes the following fields: Status, Patient Name, MRN, Exam Code, Exam Description, Exam Date/Time, Modality, Body Part, Accession Number, and Exam Size. The exam listings can be sorted by clicking any of the column headers. Clicking the same heading twice reversed the sort order from ascending to descending or vice versa. An exam or multiple exams can be removed from the list by highlighting the exams and clicking the "Delete" key. The following confirmation message will appear:

Answer "Yes" to proceed or "No" to cancel the removal.

Additional options are available by right-clicking a listing. The following menu will be displayed.

If you would like to remove an exam from the export list, click "Delete". You will see the alert shown above. Answer "Yes" to proceed or "No" to cancel the removal. To see the properties of the exam, click the "Properties" option. To send this exam via DICOM to a DICOM device, click the "Send Via DICOM" option. For more information on sending via DICOM, please see the corresponding section.

The bottom portion of the CD Direct Window contains various controls and settings for the CD writing process:

Protection: If you would like to require users of the CD to enter a password before they can view patient images or information, click the "Enable" button in the Protection area. Below, enter a password and confirm the password in the "Confirm Password" field. You will be alerted if these passwords don't match and you will be asked to re-enter your password, as seen below.

Media Size: Indicate whether the final media that you plan on using is a CD, DVD or some other, custom size. This setting allows iSite to indicate how much space is left for additional exams.

Summary: This area indicates how much space the selected exams require and how much space is available on the export destination.

Export Folder: In this area, the destination folder must be specified, either by entering the direct path in the field or by clicking the "Select" button and choosing the export folder from the explorer window, as seen below. Please note, if you write the path of a non-existing folder into the field, iSite will create that folder and export the materials there.

Status: The Status Bar displays how much of the total available space is used by the selected exams. If the total available space of the export destination is exceeded, the status bar will display in red.

When you have selected all of the desired exams, click the "Start" button to begin exporting. iSite will export the patient images and information as well as the CD version of iSite Enterprise to the selected folder. As the files are copied, the status of the export is displayed on the Status Bar, as seen below. To stop the export at any time, click the "Cancel" button.

When the export has finished, the exam status will change to a check-mark ( ). The contents of the destination folder will be exactly as seen below.

From the destination folder, the exported materials can be copied to any writable media. All materials placed by iSite into the destination folder must be copied to the disk or other final destination.

If the materials are copied to a CD or DVD disk, when the disks are inserted into a computer, the CD version of iSite Enterprise will automatically launch.