June 6, 2007 -- Trip to Kennywood Park

Since Logan hung out with me (i.e. "the cameraman") most of they day, most of the photos are of him this time around...



Dylan and Logan in the Helicopter Ride...
Logan rides the kiddie Tilt-a-Whirl "all by myself"!
Surrounded by multi-million dollar rides, but pulling Dad's hair is the real entertainment...
The kiddie "drop" ride
Actually goes pretty darn high!
.One big happy family!
Logan loves the carousel!
Logan's first roller coaster ride -- can't see his face because his hands are up!
Off the ride: I wanna go again!
Logan in the kiddie airplane ride
Dyland and Daddy on the antique cars. This photo brought back (painful) memories: Last Labor Day, when the original diagnosis was that I might only have 3 months to live, we took the kids to Kennywood and we have a photo much like this, except I'm as yellow as a squash from the jaundice.
Kids in cages. Ya can't beat that for a ride!
It wouuld appear the cancer hasn't hurt my skills. Too bad they don't have email in heaven; I would have liked to have sent this photo to my Dad, who was also a huge advocate of winning stuffed animals at amusement parks...
Chloe is not too sure what to think...
But Logan "wants to take the fish home!" (he actually was able to drag it quite a ways!)