Fact Sheet

Advanced Programming/Practicum
15-200: Sections A,B,C
Fall 2006

Staff Information

Instructor Richard Pattis
Office LocationWean 5122
Phone (412) 268-8342
Office Hours Mon 11:30am - 4:30pm
Tue 11:30am - 12:30pm,   1:30pm - 2:30pm
Wed 11:30am - 4:30pm
Thr None
Fri 11:30am - 3:30pm
CA, Section A Danielle Kramer
CA, Section B Ben Lofton (main)
CA, Section B Brett Simmers (backup)
CA, Section C Owen Yamauchi

Danielle Kramer
Ben Lofton
Brett Simmers
Owen Yamauchi

Course Help

Instructor: Please feel free to drop by any time during my office hours, without an appointment (these are open hours). If you cannot make any of these times and want to schedule an appointment at some other time, call or e-mail me to arrange one (or, if the question is small, just send me e-mail asking it). I answer e-mail periodically throughout the day (from about 8:30am to 10:00pm)

Staff: The Help Schedule summarizes all the times and locations at which staff members are available for help during the week. This summary includes my office hours, TA/Assistant consulting hours (when they help debug programs online or in the Lab - ICS 189), and help sessions (typically one hour each evening) relating to general course material, lecture questions, etc. (but not indvidual help debugging programs).

Online: You may also post questions (and answer questions, and read answers to posted questions) using the academic.cs.15-200pattis bboard. Staff members and I will read this bboard daily and post answers to whatever questions are asked (and left unanswered by other students). This forum is appropriate for questions relevant to all the students in class; use direct e-mail to your instructor for questions of a more individual nature. In past semesters, this bboard has seen a tremendous amount of traffic: course material has been clarified, questions have been asked and answered, and many interesting discussions have ensued. I recommend that your read this bboard daily. Click here for help on Bboards at CMU.

Also remember to read the Announcements link daily, on the course web; I tend to post information here, rather than via email.

Lecture/Section Meeting Places and Times

Lecture/Section(s) Classroom(s) Days Start Stop
Lecture 1 (all students) Baker 136A MWF 10:30am 11:20am
Section A Wean 5419D Tu only 9:30am 10:20am
Section B Wean 5419D Tu only 10:30am 11:20am
Section C Wean 5419D Tu only 12:30am 1:20pm

It is well known (but little appreciated) fact that consistent attendence of lectures/sections is strongly correlated with good course performance; therefore, I expect all my students to attend classes regularly. Plan on arriving punctually -I make important announcements at the start of each class- paying attention, and treating your classmates with respect.

If you cannot attend a class in your assigned section, please attend that class in any of the other sections that I teach (although attending a different section should be the exception, not the rule). If you do miss a class, your first point of contact should be other students who attended the class (or the CA for your section, but not me) to determine what you missed and how you can catch up (see the course Web too).

On days scheduled for tests, you must attend your assigned section, unless you have made prior special arrangements with me. Seats (especially those in front of working computers) are sometimes at a premium.

Bottom Line

As an Associate Teaching Professor at CMU, my primary responsiblity is teaching; my primary activities are preparing course materials, teaching in class, interacting with students (in class and during office hours) and grading.