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Workshop Structure

The workshop will be organized as 9 sessions over 3 days, with each session consisting of 3 or 4 half-hour talks. There will also be a panel discussion every afternoon, and a banquet Friday evening to round things off. The sessions we have planned are:

  • Needs, challenges, and opportunities
  • Sensitivities for PDE applications
  • SQP state-of-the-art
  • Inexact problem information
  • Frameworks and libraries
  • Time-dependent PDE constraints
  • Large-scale applications
  • Variable-fidelity models

Collectively, the session topics identify needs and opportunities for PDE-constrained optimization, assess the current state of the art, and address the difficulties often posed by PDE constraints and modern PDE solvers, including discretization issues, unavailability of exact Jacobians, the expense of computing sensitivities, the need to accommodate approximate solvers and inexact problem information, the large storage problems presented by time-dependent PDEs, large sets of inequality constraints that may arise from discretized pointwise constraints, challenges and opportunities for exploiting models of varying fidelity, and the considerable software engineering challenges faced.

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