15-859BB: Quantum Computation and Information 2018

Meetings time and place: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30-2:50, GHC 4102
Instructor: Ryan O'Donnell
Office Hours: TBD
Course bulletin board: TBD
2015 version of the course
Course description
This course will be an introduction to quantum computation and quantum information theory, from the perspective of theoretical computer science. Topics to be covered will likely include:

A strong undergraduate background in linear algebra (e.g., CMU's 21-341), discrete probability (e.g., CMU's 15-359), and theory of computation (e.g., CMU's 15-251). No background in physics is required. We anticipate the course will be of interest to students working in computer science, mathematics, or physics.

Evaluation will be based on 6--8 homework assignments and 2 lecture note scribings.

Suggested text and lecture notes to look at