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Yasunari OBUCHI (Yasu)

Former Visiting Researcher

I returned to Japan on Apr.1, 2003, so this page is not maintained.

Profile Publications (as principal author)
  • Y.Obuchi, H. Masui, and M. Ohki
    "Weighted Parallel Problem Solving by Optimization Networks"
    Neural Networks, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 357-366 (1996)

  • Y.Obuchi, M. Ohki, K. Sagara, K. Kimura, and M. Abe
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    Proc. of International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, pp. 1487-1490, Nagoya (1993)

  • Y.Obuchi, A. Amano, and N. Hataoka
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    Proc. of IEEE Workshop on Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding, pp. 442-449, Santa Barbara (1997)

  • Y.Obuchi, A.Koizumi, Y.Kitahara, J.Matsuda, and T.Tsukada
    "Portable Speech Interpreter Which Has Voice Input and Sophisticated Correction Functions"
    Proc. of Eurospeech '99, pp. 2023-2026, Budapest (1999)

  • Y.Obuchi, Y.Kitahara, and A.Koizumi
    "Multilingual Speech Interpretation for Cellular Phones"
    Proc. of Workshop on Multilingual Speech and Language Processing, MSLP10, Aalborg (2001)

  • (There are more, but those are written in Japanese)