Office: 6607 Gates Hillman Center, Carnegie Mellon University.

Narges Sharif-Razavian


Hi, and welcome to my webpage. I’m a fourth year PhD student in Language Technologies Institute, and I’m working with my advisor, Prof. Christopher James Langmead, on Graphical Models applied to protein structure modeling. We are currently working on Estimation and Inference for continuous multivariate models of backbone torsion angles, including nonparametric graphical models (embedded in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space, RKHS), time-varying multivariate Gaussian graphicl model, and sparse von-Mises graphical model. The next step is the analysis of these graphical models, in particular aiming at improving drug design application.


You can find my resume here: PDF

My Research Interests

Graphical Models: Kernel density estimation for graphical models, Parameter Estimation and Inference on Continuous Multivariate Models, Network Analysis, Applications: Protein Structure Prediction, Structural Biology, Drug Design, Gene Regulation Network Estimation, Genome-wide Association Studies,


Relevant Courses:

10-725 Optimization

15-879 Algorithms for Computational Structural Biology

10-810 Computational Genomics

11-762 Languages and Statistics II

Auditing: Physiology, Modern Biology, Bio-Chemistry


Teaching Assistantship

I have previously TA-ed the Machine Learning course, taught by Prof. Roni Rosenfeld in Spring 2011.

I am currently TA-ing the Algorithms for NLP Course 11-711, taught by Prof. Alon Lavie, Prof. Noah Smith, and Prof. Robert Frederking.


Publication and Technical Reports

Fun little projects:

  • In my Social Networks class project we developed a Facebook Application called Tetris For Research. It has about ~1300 monthly active users! Make sure to check it out Here

  • If you're a Farsi speaker, download my first ever (Free!) iphone app, Khayam Poems (in Farsi) from the app store, and enjoy some mind refreshing poetry.



    In my free time I like to draw and paint (I’ve taken CMU’s figure drawing class and attend the weekly Sunday drawing session in Fine arts building), read books, and watch documentaries and movies. I travel a lot, and like to try new things.

    Useful Links

    I'm just beginning to gather a list of links I think might be useful one way or the other. The list is short now but hopefully I'll add more and more stuff to it as time goes on. If you found a particular link helpful drop me a line! 

    Favorite Quotations

    "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do". -- Rumi
    "The way you think will create the reality for you" --Oprah Winfrey

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