19x19x19 Solve (Watch in HQ!)

Part of my many forays in rubik's cubing, this video illustrates my arrival at the upper bounds of boredom during winter break. I am using my mouse to control the orientation of the cube and move the layers around. The cube software allowed for up to 20x20 cubes, but I chose this size because it is odd numbered, and odd numbered cubes are nice because they have fixed centers. This was my first attempt at solving a cube larger than 7x7, and thus spent a bit of trial and error time at the beginning. After solving my 7x7, I realized that the method for solving larger cubes should just be an extension of the principles of the 3x3,4x4,and 5x5. Essentially the algorithm boils down to solving inner rows of a center and putting them together, solving 3 other centers, and then a bit of trickery for solving the last two centers simultaneously. Then, piece the edges together (this is the epilepsy-inducing portion of the video; lots of twitching), and then the cube behaves essentially like a 3x3.