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Hello! I am a 5th year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. I am in the joint Machine Learning and Neural Computation Program. I am interested in developing machine learning techniques for analyzing neuroimaging data, specifically high-dimensional timeseries data such as MEG and EEG. Feel free to contact me and please check out my blog, where I discuss topics in machine learning and neuroscience as well as life as a graduate student. I am also the Vice President of External Affairs of the Carnegie Mellon University Graduate Student assembly, and the Vice Chair of Internal Communications for the Pittsburgh Student Government Council.

Nicole Rafidi


The Role of Syntax in Semantic Processing: a Study of Active and Passive Sentences

N.S. Rafidi, E.J.C. Laing, & T. Mitchell

Poster and Oral Session at oHBM annual meeting 2015 [​Merit Award Recipient​]

Decoding the semantics of words in active and passive sentences from neural activity.

E.J.C. Laing, N.S. Rafidi, & T. Mitchell

Biannual international conference on Biomagnetism, Halifax, Canada. 2014

Decoding the semantics of words in sentences from neural activity.

A. Fyshe, E.J.C. Laing, N.S. Rafidi, K. Chang & T. Mitchell

CUNY 27th Annual Conference on Sentence Processing, March 2014.

Journal Articles

The Semantics of Adjective Noun Phrases in the Human Brain

A. Fyshe, G. Sudre, L. Wehbe, N.S. Rafidi, & T. Mitchell

In review.

This is my beautiful dog, Sky! I adopted Sky from the Animal Rescue League in February 2015. She is a big snuggle bunny and loves to play ball. You can follow her adventures on instagram. User name: pittyprettyprincess.

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