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Hello! I am a 6th year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. I am in the joint Machine Learning and Neural Computation Program. I am interested in developing machine learning techniques for analyzing neuroimaging data, specifically high-dimensional timeseries data such as MEG and EEG. Feel free to contact me and please check out my blog, where I discuss topics in machine learning and neuroscience as well as life as a graduate student.

I am currently looking for jobs in industry, to start after May 2018.

Nicole Rafidi


Temporal alignment of trials improves the sensitivity of decoding approaches to MEG data.

N.S. Rafidi & T. Mitchell

Poster at oHBM annual meeting 2017

The Role of Syntax in Semantic Processing: a Study of Active and Passive Sentences

N.S. Rafidi, E.J.C. Laing, & T. Mitchell

Poster and Oral Session at oHBM annual meeting 2015 [​Merit Award Recipient​]

Decoding the semantics of words in active and passive sentences from neural activity.

E.J.C. Laing, N.S. Rafidi, & T. Mitchell

Biannual international conference on Biomagnetism, Halifax, Canada. 2014

Decoding the semantics of words in sentences from neural activity.

A. Fyshe, E.J.C. Laing, N.S. Rafidi, K. Chang & T. Mitchell

CUNY 27th Annual Conference on Sentence Processing, March 2014.

Journal Articles

Reductions in Retrieval Competition Underlie the Benefit of Repeated Testing.

N.S. Rafidi, J.C. Hulbert, P. Pacheco, & K. Norman

In preparation.

The Semantics of Adjective Noun Phrases in the Human Brain

A. Fyshe, G. Sudre, L. Wehbe, N.S. Rafidi, & T. Mitchell

In review.

This is my beautiful dog, Sky! I adopted Sky from the Animal Rescue League in February 2015. She is a big snuggle bunny and loves to play ball. You can follow her adventures on instagram. User name: pittyprettyprincess.

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