Accepted Papers

Robust Stackelberg Equilibria in Extensive-Form Games and Extension to Limited Lookahead
Christian Kroer, Gabriele Farina, Tuomas Sandholm

Evaluating the Stability of Non-Adaptive Trading in Continuous Double Auctions: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Mason Wright and Michael Wellman

Dynamic Adaptation and Opponent Exploitation in Computer Poker
Xun Li and Risto Miikkulainen

Consequentialist Conditional Cooperation in Social Dilemmas with Imperfect Information
Alexander Peysakhovich and Adam Lerer

Game-Theoretic Goal-Recognition Models with Applications to Security Domains
Samuel Ang, Hau Chan, Albert Xin Jiang, William Yeoh

Robust Markov Decision Processes for Threat Screening Games
Sara Marie Mc Carthy, Phebe Vayanos, Milind Tambe

A Reinforcement Learning Framework for Eliciting High Quality Information
Zehong Hu, Yang Liu, Yitao Liang, Jie Zhang

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Green Security Games with Online Information
Lantao Yu, Yi Wu, Rohit Singh, Lucas Joppa, Fei Fang