I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I work in Professor Tuomas Sandholm's Electronic Marketplaces lab. My research combines machine learning and game theory, and I'm particularly interested in finding equilibrium strategies in massive imperfect-information games.

I have applied my research to making what is currently the world's strongest AI for poker. I am the developer of BabyTartanian8 and co-developer of Tartanian7, which have won the two most recent Annual Computer Poker Competitions, defeating all other agents with statistical significance. I am also the co-developer of Claudico, which played against the world's top human poker players in the recent Brains vs. AI competition.

Before CMU, I worked at the Federal Reserve Board in the International Financial Markets section, where I researched algorithmic trading in currency markets. Before that, I developed algorithmic trading strategies in equity markets.

Contact information: noamb <at> cmu <dot> edu