Multiscale analysis of Science data

Analysing 30,000 documents of the Science collection extending over 120 years using a 20 topic, 4-scale Topic Tomography model

Topic 0 : plant soil seed root agricultur growth leav fruit flower crop varieti leaf grow corn wheat
Topic 1 : jour chem biol soc scienc refer ibid med proc sci model note exp press physiol
Topic 2 : speci tree bird insect forest found larva ecolog natur parasit observ wood known host abund
Topic 3 : brain behavior mental learn monkei memori cortex sleep area neural nervou motor cerebr movement system
Topic 4 : femal male genet sex egg mutat individu select charact gene famili parent mate reproduct normal
Topic 5 : activ protein enzym inhibit factor effect regul metabol organ condit specif growth function synthesi increas
Topic 6 : temperatur atmospher air water surfac heat observ ic chang climat wind weather high cloud time
Topic 7 : specimen bone fossil plate museum vertebr mammal genu collect speci found skull type teeth describ
Topic 8 : light ey color respons imag observ red frequenc visual intens dark second two sensit pattern
Topic 9 : cent food milk fat weight pound feed gram oil iodin diet ddt bodi fed digest
Topic 10 : vitamin channel diet calcium defici oil ca2 membran liver cyclic lipid nutrit concentr plasma cholesterol
Topic 11 : system engin oper power compani design new develop industri comput requir technolog practic improv applic
Topic 12 : patient cancer drug dose effect treatment hormon clinic irradi penicillin urin studi exposur smoke diseas
Topic 13 : meet associ section societi member american presid paper committe held scienc usa intern report end
Topic 14 : scienc fact question name case articl refer point call author term evid regard sai statement
Topic 15 : muscl receptor heart nerv contract cat fiber drug frog pain cord spinal releas block stimul
Topic 16 : cell tissu tumor develop cultur normal growth embryo express form differenti mous type fig line
Topic 17 : research work scienc nation scientif institut public scientist govern countri program plan servic made war
Topic 18 : blood serum antibodi antigen rabbit human immun specif plasma gel respons anti normal lymphocyt reaction
Topic 19 : anim dai rat control inject two mice hour group effect experi three period four week
Topic 20 : protein acid amino bind chain peptid receptor site residu domain membran interact bound termin fig
Topic 21 : experi record potenti neuron action stimul result activ current movement electr respons electrod conduct effect
Topic 22 : data number differ valu two result tabl work report publish book figur illustr paper sampl
Topic 23 : subject sound hand right letter left languag word person symbol hear infant speech sign card
Topic 24 : island japan color erupt china japanes india coral chines australia spot reef volcano green seal
Topic 25 : magnet field motion direct forc particl wave rotat veloc observ move earth distanc point plane
Topic 26 : energi electron atom radiat theori rai state absorpt physic charg ion particl spectrum nuclear molecul
Topic 27 : observ star solar observatori survei astronom space sun telescop astronomi planet radio earth map satellit
Topic 28 : station track ship flight fire alga fly marin sound radar echo boat bat releas pigeon
Topic 29 : north south lake sea year region river west coast east area southern mile ocean northern
Topic 30 : year state unit increas popul number percent product total countri ag hundr rate larg averag
Topic 31 : iron miner composit sampl isotop ratio crystal element mine materi rock meteorit carbon colloid abund
Topic 32 : acid solut compound reaction carbon extract alcohol contain chemic oxid form product concentr substanc obtain
Topic 33 : scienc new american societi scientif professor associ advanc journal york publish washington academi articl aaa
Topic 34 : gene dna sequenc group differ chromosom rna two type line number form region genom clone
Topic 35 : student school cours educ colleg teach train teacher scienc univers studi year children instruct graduat
Topic 36 : laboratori method techniqu studi work investig collect biolog botan botani build zoologi room zoolog garden
Topic 37 : water percent solut concentr minut hour contain fish ad prepar sampl releas extract wash min
Topic 38 : measur rate pressur determin method valu constant time chang flow oxygen increas fluid differ densiti
Topic 39 : professor time period cycl phase event oscil wilson osborn rhythm clock circadian read franklin holm
Topic 40 : section microscop stain slide cut inch fig cover stage end place small side wall specimen
Topic 41 : scienc life natur man theori time great univers evolut histori world knowledg live modern problem
Topic 42 : tube electr surfac crystal glass fig materi apparatu end metal high current two temperatur wire
Topic 43 : univers depart new institut medic research york medicin john colleg california school center state scienc
Topic 44 : franc pari der germani von de die berlin pollut und wast switzerland sweden explos vienna
Topic 45 : diseas viru infect cultur strain bacteria inocul medium isol resist caus organ test case vaccin
Topic 46 : feet rock deposit surfac bed sand format form found geolog area clai depth soil layer
Topic 47 : human scienc scientif note new book intend psycholog man review environment environ sent educ articl
Topic 48 : structur organ chemic complex studi chemistri process molecul import physic molecular biolog function mechan natur
Topic 49 : sai year new research time work found first peopl museum call like make just get