Multiscale analysis of Cancer data

Analysing 32,000 documents of the Cancer collection extending over 32 years using a 50 topic, 4-scale Topic Tomography model

Topic 0 : Hospitalization (?) (year old patient five who period one survival month die)
Topic 1 : Euthanasia (source content media oppose news provoke card estrophilin euthanasia court)
Topic 2 : Chemotherapy (patient chemotherapy treat cancer drug response dose combination agent receive)
Topic 3 : Clinical trials (trial phase random controlled institute prospect potential design ongoing national)
Topic 4 : Hypothermia(?) (degree cavity hyperthermia heat temperature cryosurgery metronidazole microwave thermal radiofrequence)
Topic 5 : Thyroid problem (associate thyroid neck head gland nerve nodule papillary hypercalcemia salivary)
Topic 6 : New developments (?) ( new recent develop review therapeutic current application approach progress molecular)
Topic 7 : Incidence study (cancer study increase age incidence data rate high populate analysis differ)
Topic 8 : Deaths (?) (cause death mortal men lead expect state work excess heart person unite)
Topic 9 : Treatment (treat patient cancer surgery result survival surgical local bladder radiotherapy)
Topic 10 : Cell growth (cell tum type human line culture mice form cancer normal growth)
Topic 11 : Genetic mutations (gene mutation resist apoptosi necrosis transfer phenotype acquire candidate apoptotic vector)
Topic 12 : Ovarian cancer (ovarian gynecologic ovary epithelial look peritoneal prophylactic intraperitoneal fertile ascite gynaecologic)
Topic 13 : Pulmonary cancer (lung small bone metastase pulmonary non scan right left marrow chest ray)
Topic 14 : Prostate cancer (prostate tissue specific sensitive method acid amount phosphatase fraction bind psa)
Topic 15 : Cytopathology (papanicolaou exfoliative chicago cytopathology smear compose christchurch perfect cancer dilute)
Topic 16 : Lymph nodes ( node lymph procedure cervical involve spread pelvic regional abdominal dissection perform)
Topic 17 : Radiation therapy (therapy radiate convention symptomatic continued photodynamic systemic neutron adrenalectomy puva)
Topic 18 : Carcinogen experiments (activity human dna cancer induce experiment animal compound agent chemical against carcinogen)
Topic 19 : Health care for cancer (cancer provide care article research problem manage review will many health)
Topic 20 : cancer cell growth mechanism (function cancer mechanism growth role protein cell process involve expression)
Topic 21 : Uterine cancer (hormone estrogen receptor endometrial uterine tamoxifen endocrine postmenopausal menopause steroid)
Topic 22 : Pancreatic cancer (lesion histology type pancreatic cancer differentiate change feature pathology grade)
Topic 23 : Cosmetic surgery (skin reconstruction defect flap simple muscle immediate implant soft graft heal)
Topic 24 : Cancer risks study(?) (risk cancer factor relate develop identify genetic evidence discuss important study)
Topic 25 : Faecal tests(?) (tryptophan neutral glucuronidase excrete feces faecal casein mesna amyloid saa faeces)
Topic 26 : Cancer investigation(?) (cancer discuss well demonstrate affect principal form include investigate consequent)
Topic 27 : Cancer surveillance(?) (case control colorectal carry subject match surveillance slight cancer compare)
Topic 28 : Tumor types (disease malignant skin benign condition common melanoma non lymphoma chronic small inflammatory)
Topic 29 : Clinical tests (patient cancer level clinic value serum liver measure high normal mark)
Topic 30 : Cancer causes (smoke exposure occupation laryngeal tobacco expose alcohol cigarette work larynx asbestos)
Topic 31 : Intestinal cancer (operate gastric stomach author esophageal intestinal ulcer gastrointestinal post esophagus upper pre perform)
Topic 32 : Rat experiments (rat mammary sequence solution hybrid intact map database pcr region inject cdna prime)
Topic 33 : Cancer drugs (complex polyamine prostaglandin spot prodrug spermidine putrescine spermine cathepsin methionine indomethacin)
Topic 34 : Blood coagulation (biology prognostic laboratory relevant behaviour igf somatostatin pivotal clot procoagulant viii)
Topic 35 : Diet and Nutrition (body prevent nutrition loss dietary diet weight reduce reduction acid intake deficient fat food)
Topic 36 : Colon cancer (colon syndrome family large history bowel colony polyp adenoma familial member hereditary polyposi)
Topic 37 : Breast cancer (breast cancer women early detect screen examination mastectomy mammography cervical pregnant)
Topic 38 : Common disorders(?) (patient complicate infect symptom who frequent common disorder occurred cancer severe suffer)
Topic 39 : Pain relief (effect pain oral side relief adverse pharmacology analgesic contraceptive administrate beneficial eliminate)
Topic 40 : Rectal tumors (tumour cent series rectal rectum anterior segment anal duke favourable perineal amputate)
Topic 41 : Cancer diagnosis (biopsy positive negate cytology perform examination confirm obstruct diagnosis diagnose material suspect)
Topic 42 : Pediatric Leukemia (group chromosome children leukemia adult acute childhood percentage latter pediatric cytogenetic divide)
Topic 43 : Clinical diagnosis and prognosis(?) (stage clinic diagnosis evaluate technique diagnostic method image assess useful define)
Topic 44 : Cancer Metastasis(?) (cancer report case present primary describe two tum metastatic first rare metastasi)
Topic 45 : Immunotherapy (antigen immune antibody cancer lymphocyte specific anti test response against virus system reaction)
Topic 46 : Malpractices (?) (injury sterile malpractice thrombophlebiti handicap dept allege improper wherever postpone sympathetic)
Topic 47 : Sexual intercourse for cancer patients (?) (sexual agree clearance partner pca intercourse systolic youngest cae invalid schema)
Topic 48 : Carcinoma (?) (carcinoma one squamous renal three metastase testicular cervix adenocarcinoma kidney bilateral)
Topic 49 : Organ transplant (?) (observation neoplasia theory recipient transplant compete donor dialysis immunosuppressive novo uremic)