Ni Lao (劳逆)

I've graduated from Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. My advisor was professor William W. Cohen. Now I work at Google Research.

I work on machine learning, information retrieval, and natural language processing. I am generally interested in models with rich structures, and am currently studying relational models for IR/NLP applications. Previously I have studied a wide range of topics such as robotic soccer, computer system diagnosis, product search, and question answering.

My CV, research statement, and thesis. My collection of interesting stuff

I TAed classes Machine Learning with Large Datasets, 2012 and Machine Learning, 2010.


My DBLP page and Google Scholar page

Ni Lao, Einat Minkov and William Cohen, Learning relational features with backward random walks , ACL 2015. poster

William Yang Wang, Kathryn Mazaitis, Ni Lao, Tom M. Mitchell, William W. Cohen, Efficient Inference and Learning in a Large Knowledge Base: Reasoning with Extracted Information using a Locally Groundable First-Order Probabilistic Logic, to appear in Machine Learning Journal (MLJ 2015), Springer.

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Unpublished Manuscript and Presentations

(a few interesting ideas which I don't have time to pursuit)

Ni Lao, Elephant and AI . 2012.

Ni Lao, Programming by Demonstrations and Verbal Commands. 2012.

Ni Lao, Beyond Shallow Semantics. 2011.

Ni Lao, CCG, Fractal, and Emergence. 2011.

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PhD thesis, 2012. Efficient Random Walk Inference with Knowledge Bases (slides). Carnegie Mellon University

Master thesis, 2006. Data Mining Problems in Automatic Computer Diagnosis. Tsinghua University

Bachelor thesis, 2003. Mining Spatial-Temporal Data Using Constructive Induction. Tsinghua University


2012, Path Ranking Algorithm A system for relational retrieval on heterogamous graphs

2006, geoSVM A predictive system for modeling species potential distributions based on SVM. See details at Wenyun's page

Data Sets

2012, NELL v165 NELL Knowledge graph in both triple format and PRA format

2010, yeast2 updated yeast data with extra information about Mesh heading, chemicals and affiliations etc. (321K entities and 6.1M links)

2010, fly a biological literature graph with 770K entities and 3.5M links

2010, yeast a biological literature graph with 164K entities and 2.8M links

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2014: KDD, CIKM

2013: CIKM

2012: KDD, Neurocomputing Journal, SIGIR, JCST, TKDD

2011: NIPS, Transactions on Fuzzy Systems

2010: CIKM