8803 LGO, Ideas for Projects

One of the course requirements is to do project, which you may do in groups of 2 or 3. A project might involve conducting an experiment or thinking about a theoretical problem, or trying to relate two problems. It could even just be reading 3 research papers and explaining how they relate. The end result should be a 8-10 page report, and a 30 - 45 minute presentation. Here are a few ideas for possible topics for projects.

Project Ideas

Internal Regret and Correlated Equilibria Online Learning and Optimization The Multi-Armed Bandit Problem: Uncoupled Dynamics and Nash Equilibria: Learning and Repeated Games:

Preference Elicitation and Learning:

Game Theory for Engineered Systems:

Learning in Markov Decision Processes: See M. Kearns's home page and Y. Mansour's home page for a number of good papers. Also S. Kakade's thesis.