Lab Photo 2016-09
New lab members at the official lab naming ceremony!


Graduate Students

  • Jacob Buckman (BS/MLT)
    • Neural Language Modeling
  • Bowen Deng (MIIS)
    • Large-scale Mining for Code Generation
  • Chaitanya Malaviya (MIIS)
    • Incorporating External Knowledge into Neural Machine Translation
  • Austin Matthews (PhD, co-advised w/ Chris Dyer)
    • Neural Machine Translation
  • Paul Michel (MLT)
    • Machine Learning and Theory for NLP
  • Shruti Rijhwani (MLT, co-advised w/ Jaime Carbonell)
    • Multi-lingual and Low-resource NLP
  • Emily Tagtow (MLT, co-advised w/ Jaime Carbonell)
    • Machine Translation and Multi-lingual NLP
  • Pengcheng Yin (MLT)
    • Semantic Parsing and Code Generation
  • Chunting Zhou (MLT)
    • Semi-supervised and Unsupervised Learning for NLP