Two Against the Night

Two against the night, we lie entwined
And entangled in passions beyond our control.
Our bodies press together under blankets woven
From the twinned looms of need and desire.

We are alone in this dark world, but less so when together.
As shadows we wander, knowing the truth of our insignificance,
But in passion we forget, and so become real.

In this cold night, it is not love
And yet, is it so distant?
We meet at a crossroads of here and now,
Two shadows in the night.

We are shapeless and insubstantial, but our closeness gives us form.
Better we are slaves to this burning passion
Than the dull monotony of life which drives us on.

Two against the night, we writhe entwined
And share the fires of our blood.
We worship at altars of time and place,
Not love, but not too distant.

At last the night's chill fades into
Shivers of desire, soul's delight--
And we lie together, close and still,
Two against the night.


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