my muse, my muse plays fast and loose
with rhyme and time and things profuse;
my muse is mute but plays the flute
and sometimes hums or even strums
a note or two upon the lute.

my muse's muse is more obtuse
and finds my lines a bit abstruse;
he is amused by things we lose
and often hides beneath the rides
at playgrounds parks and zoos.

my muse never listens to his muse;
sometimes I listen to mine.
(he gives bad advices in times of crisis
but mostly he does just fine)

my muse he never bores me:
it's clear that he adores me
and his humming reassures me
that I haven't lost my mind.
(but if I did I'd leave it
for my muse's muse to find)

and my muse's mute musings?
though often confusing,
he never ceases
to be amusing.


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