Character Sketch

Maria is standing in the kitchen
Putting the groceries away
Everything in its proper cupboard
Everything in its proper space
But she keeps getting distracted
By memories of a face.

Two cans of tomatoes, a loaf of bread;
Maria ponders the life she's led.
Her ex-boyfriend? Large, Grade A.
But she didn't have the words
To ask him to stay.
Once she had good prospects
And once she had nice legs
But she always wanted to make an omelet
Without cracking any eggs.

And as she thinks of the times she's missed
("So many men I should have kissed!")
She clenches tightly in her white fist
The remains of the morning's shopping list.
And thinks, "Like my list, I spend my days
To be crumpled up and thrown away."
She grabs the spatula and the whisk,
And decides, "Damn it all,
Time to take some risks."


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