I solicit feedback from users before they quit. Here are a few of them. Note: I take steps to make them anonymous if it seems appropriate. Some comments go back to May 2000 when I had only a Macintosh version avaiable for download. The rate of comments has exploded, so I stopped listing any after Oct 11, 2000.

Actual Users Comments by teachers and students

This is a very helpful refresher. Thank you for putting this magnificient program together- I hope you have additional tutorials in other sciences.[Editor : Not anytime soon. It took three years to develop]
--citrus[login name]
October 11th

Ms. Lindquist does a good job in making the solution clear step by step.
October 11th

looks good, I'll try it on my children
October 11th

Nice and helpful
October 11th

Excellent program. Great help............i hope there is more to come from your teaching technique. I would love your help in all other areas of algebra and geometry as well.......... [ed. note: Not any time soon. It took 3 years to write! :-) ]
October 11th

Like the site! Had one problem -- windows would flash up and close -- don't know if it's my computer or the site[Editorial note:- under investigation.] I want to look at it a little more and then plan to allow my algebra students to use the site for extra credit. Thanks for all your hard work!
October 11th

i will recommend this program to my students. Cheers, HBR
October 11th

Looks promising!
--guest stu
October 11th

I am a math tutor for k-12. This site was sent to me from another teacher. So far I like the format. I'll check back a few more time before I refer the program to my students but thanks for the opportunity and resource.
October 11th

October 11th

Like it so far but I have a class to teach. I will show this site to both my precalculus and calculus students.
October 11th

I liked it
October 11th

thank you -need more time but great tutor for all ages
October 11th

Thank you.
October 11th

Its all good.
October 11th

Great program. I will download it.[Editorial Note: You don't have to download the program to use it.]
October 10th

Good program; most useful. I will be sending student here.
October 10

I'm a teacher center trainer for NYC and I'm going to forward your site to math teachers at [name of high school removed]. Thanks.
October 10th

I am getting this for my son who is having difficultly in his first year of algebra
October 10th

This is a great way to studying only I need to pay close attention to what I type.
October 10th

I like it but I have to go teach now.
--Mrs. Monfort
October 10th

Love the program
October 10th

This is a very useful site. Thanks for all the work!
October 2000

Looks Good
October 2000

I think this program is fantastic. (I'm actually a parent masquerading as my son to see how helpful the program would be for him.) Very impressive!!
October 2000

Good. --lilsuga
October 2000

Great resource. I will put it to good use here at Terry Fox Secondary.
Online Co-ordinator
October 2000

"This site looks interesting. I will bookmark it."
October 9, 2000

I liked the program. Ms. Lindquist is quite adaptable. October 9, 2000

I am going to link this page to our district curriculum resources. Thanks Great site.
October 9, 2000

Wonderful! I am a Technology Coordinator at a high school in Illinois and I will be sharing this with many, many others in the math field! Thank you from those of us in education - I think the students will greatly benefit!
October 9, 2000

This program is very helpful. Great job!

You have a very good program and I enjoy using it.

I'm in the process of adding the pointer to the AlgebraTutor on my math resources page. I've been having a great time experimenting with your program and really expect that this will be VERY helpful to all who use it ... Thanks again for creating this program and making it available online. I hope you get LOTS of useful feedback.
--Amby Duncan-Carr

"A good way to learn when in a hurry."

"This is a very helpful way to learn. I have to leave is the reason I am quitting. Thanks."

"My server may be slow, but it takes a while for the program to progress. Other than that the help is good and somewhat, for me, easy to understand."

"The program was helpful because it helped me get back on track and bring back my skills for my next school season. The program had alot of different kinds of sections most of which were helpful and made you really think. I think this would be very helpful to children just starting to learn this new type of math, or even if they already know it it would sharpen their skills."

"I have found Ms Lindquist very helpful in the way it forces me to think about segments of the problems before building to a comprehensive solution."
--David (from England)

"I am amazed at the power of this tutorial. Thank you."

"This is some wonderful software."

"I was impressed with the demo. I will be passing this on to other teachers at my site so we may brainstorm about ways to use this with our students."
- A teacher from Southern California

"Love it" - a teacher

"Hi Neil Heffernan, I just found this program and it is the end of the school year but I am sure I will use it next year."
- a teacher from Garden Grove, CA. May 2000

"I am a middle school math teacher...Thank you for this program....I will keep in touch."

"I'm a software Resource Specialist working... I've passed this on to the math specialists...it's great for reasoning and easy to use"

"Miss Lindquist is really neat. I think it is a really great use of tutor intelligence. ... Great use of the research to benefit learning!"
- graduate student in psychology

This program seems helpful. I enjoyed the preview and will return. I will also get my child to work with [MsLindquist]. Thank you. (email withheld)

I personally think that the program was very helpful in alot of ways it helped me greatly.

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