Scope and timing 

Was designed with middle school(6-8th) and high school(9 or 10th grade) students in mind, but it can also be used in a college algebra refresher course. We also have retired people using Ms. Lindquist to learn algebra!
It can be used at the beginning, middle or end of an algebra class since its mastery learning allows Miss Lindquist to hone in on the student's zone of proximal development.

Progressive Curriculum Sequence

Mastery Learning keeps students challenged

Ms. Lindquist can track how well a student is doing and push him/her on to the next section once they have completed a certain number of problems correctly. This makes sure that students are not wasting their time on problems that are too easy or too hard.

Time Commitment

An expert could complete all five section in just half an hour (For each section you need to get three correct in a row, so if you were perfect you would only need to answer 15 problems.) But it will take a beginning algebra student somewhere in the range of 1-4 hours to complete all the 5 sections. I suggest assigning one section at a time. It of course depends upon the level of the students but, on average, Section One and Section Two take about 10-20 minutes each, while Sections 3 takes about 20-30 minute. Section 5 (and to a lesser extent Section 4) could take less prepared students much longer due to their complexity. Teachers should keep this in mind when assigning homework. I suggest that for most algebra students, it is probably best to assign Section 5 for extra credit.

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