Which version should you use? The Web Page or download your own version.

The Web Page Version

The web page version is very easy for teachers to use because you can simply bring your students to the computer lab and tell them to go to the www.AlgebraTutor.org web site. No preparation is needed on your part. Click here to use the web page version.

The Download Version

If you download the application and then copy it to each computer in the computer lab (Or if you are lucky enough to have someone at your school do that for you) your students will not be competing for access to the Internet as much. This is a good solution if your school's Internet access is very slow. All the student's data is stored locally on the computer that they are using. In this case students can't work from anywhere else (Such as home) because this data file is stored in the computer they first logged into. Click here to go to the download page

Please Give Us feedback

So go ahead and use it in your class and tell me how it went! I am very interested in hearing from all teachers. If you have a question, problem or suggestions, just email me.

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