Like my list of books, this is a list of movies I've seen since I started keeping track (March 2010). This is basically to augment my own memory. I'm only writing down movies I actually made some effort to see, and that I watched the whole way through. So whatever random comedy I happen to be watching on TBS on any given Saturday will probably not make the list. IMDB references are included for your convenience. Oh, and I guess it's fair to say there might be some spoilers in there, although I'll try my best not to ruin any movie that shouldn't be ruined...

  • Paris 36 This movie was really fun! It's a musical/drama. I recognized the main character from the movie, The Chorus.
  • Police, Adjective Wow, this movie was slow. I was expecting way more witty dialog from the trailer. I probably would not recommend it.
  • Inglourious Basterds A very entertaining movie. I loved the fact that it was mostly in French and German. Worth seeing. It is violent, but probably less so than Tarantino's other movies. I was happy to recognize two German actors that I had recently seen. One was Alex, from Goodbye Lenin and the other was the SS doctor from Downfall.
  • The White RibbonThis movie wasn't as good as I was expecting, but the actor who plays the teacher does a really good job.
  • Downfall This movie is great. Very well acted. It's about the last days in Hitler's bunker, and while it's pretty grim, as you can imagine, it's definitely worth seeing.
  • Funny People Watched this on plane ride back from Berlin. Definitely enjoyable, not sure why it was considered a bust. Well, I guess not enough people saw it. Like any Apataw movie, it's got oscenity, serious moments, and some really funny jokes.
  • Goodbye, Lenin! Funny movie. I enjoyed it.