Natasha Sharygina

Ph.D. The University of Texas at Austin, 2002

    Post Doc and Ph.D. student positions are available NEW
I am currently considering candidates for the funded Ph.D. student and Postdoc positions. The research will be conducted at the Computer Science department of the University of Lugano, Switzerland. The positions are available as early as October 2005. If you are interested in doing innovative research in the areas of software model checking, information security and analysis of real-time systems, please contact me.
   Research Interests
    My research interests span across computer science and electrical engineering disciplines including:
  • Formal verification (e.g., model checking, SAT methods)
  • Specification and verification of concurrent and distributed systems
  • Information security
  • Automated and interactive tools for reasoning about computer systems
  • Robotics, Control theory.
    I am actively involved in the research projects of the Model Checking Group guided by Professor Edmund Clarke. My current research focuses on formal modeling of software and hardware systems, and development of efficient algorithms for model checking large-scale designs. My ultimate goal is to deliver the research results to the SEI PACC project where we develop a technology for reliable systems engineering and transitioning of formal verification to industry.

   Publications ( a list of my on-line publications )
      Model Checking Framework for Formal Analysis of Software ComFoRT

   Industry Connection
    Throughout my career, close collaboration with NASA JSC, ABB, Lucent Technologies and Microsoft have greatly contributed to defining and solving fundamental research problems. At CMU we are always eager to work with other groups both from academia and industry. Contact us if you are interested in our projects and our tools.

   Professional Service ( conferences, workshops, tutorials, etc. )
   Professional Background ( prior affiliations )