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Peter Schickele is both the creator of P.D.Q. Bach and a ditinguished composer. Here he turns WMWM disc-jockey and combines his sense of humor with his passion for good music ... classical and otherwise.
Peter Schickele takes listeners on a musical journey, where classical music is the starting point ... but where anything is possible.
In the mood for something ``suite''? Surrounded by records and CDs in the studio down the hall, Peter Schickele presents an hour of good music, classical and otherwise ... mixed and matched as only the creator of P.D.Q. Bach could imagine.
The man who ``discovered'' P.D.Q. Bach turns real public radio deejay. Although not outright comedy, you'll love Peter's lighthearted (not lightweight) presentation of all kinds of music.
Peter Schickele presents something old, something new, something borrowed ... and a bit of the blues. An hour of wide-ranging selections with classical music at its core.
As Duke Ellington said, If it sounds good, it is good! Join Peter Schickele, the creator of P.D.Q. Bach, for this weekly discovery of what sounds good: In classical music and beyond.

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