Newsflash! Mark Maimone performs The Seasonings in Carnegie Hall with Peter Schickele!

[ large conducting photo ]
Mark Conducts Peter, no Peter cond.... well, SOMEone conducts!

[ schickele photo ] Prof. Schickele and Dr. Maimone collaborate on an item of great historical insignificance, the visual appearance of P.D.Q. Bach's headstone. This collaboration leads to an historicly mindless meeting meeting of the minds during the first rehearsals of The Seasonings (S. 1/2 tsp) at New York City in December 1996.

[ conducting photo ] Further research is conducted by one or the other, but focus shifts to aural presentations of other P.D.Q. Bachanalia. Maestro Harold Rosenbaum (not shown) proves most instrumental vocal in his support, as do the other members of the 50 person Okay Chorale research team.

[ crowd photo ] News of the presentations spreads far and wide, attracting several of Dr. Maimone's colleagues. They remain blissfully unaware of his collaboration, however, in spite of ongoing communication and hints to that effect.

Shown are Jeanne Velonis, Jim Brice, Mark Maimone, Andrew Gray, fellow singist Maria Daggett, John Velonis, Matt Paterno, Mark Caswell, Christine Paterno, and Mei Chen.

[ maria photo ] Fellow conspirator Maria Daggett attracts the Professor's attention.

More information is available about the annual P.D.Q. Bach Christmas concerts in NYC, Public Radio International's Schickele Mix weekly radio show, and things Mark Maimone does when he's not singing P.D.Q. Bach.

Many thanks to Lloyd and Susan Peterson, Michèle Eaton, Harold Rosenbaum, Pat Maimone and John Maimone for their assistance!