December 2001 Annual PDQ Bach Concert

Another in the long history of annual PDQ Bach concerts in New York City, the program in 2001 featured a perennial favorite: the grand oratorio Oedipus Tex (S. 150) (among other things). And once again I was able to finagle my way into the choir! :-)

Thanks so much to Michèle Eaton and Maria Daggett for letting me know early that this year's program would be a choral one. And thanks to Harold Rosenbaum for allowing me the opportunity to join his choir for these performances (especially for allowing me to re-audition not in person, but .... by phone!). And of course, special thanks to Peter Schickele for bringing us the music of PDQ Bach to a New York stage every year since 1965 (except 1969! :-)).

Behind the scenes

You never know quite what to expect at a PDQ Bach concert, but everything makes sense in a twisted sort of way. Since our piece is derived from a Greek tragedy by Sophocles, it makes perfect sense that the "Greek chorus" dressed not in tuxedos and gowns, but in togas. Unfortunately there are no pictures from the performance itself, but here are a few from backstage.

Most of the choir ... ... and the rest. Hey it's New York, you can't
expect the rehearsal room to be big enough
to fit everyone in one picture

From the program, pardon any typos (e.g., I really sang bass):
The Canticum Novum Singers
Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Jeanne Austin Stacey Atwell-Keister David Arzberger Charles Cantor
Marcell Duarte Amanda Bauman Warren Blyden Patrick Davis
Frances Geller Inessa Bazayev Patrick Castillo David Green
Bridgette Goldman Anne Marie Bouche Maria Daggett Mark Johnson
Christine Leja Jean Doyle Peter Finarovsky Robert Koch
Luba Mayzus Kristen Fazio Sina Kiai Thomas Lin
Kate Mini Jeanne Fuller Michael Klitsch Richard Louis-Pierre
Margaret Mitchell Joan Griscom Mark Maimone Dan Mason
Toby Newman Priscilla Kauff Dee Pak Marwah Jonathan Miller
Jean Rodie Ann Kirschner Brian Messemer Edward Norris
Edie Rosenbaum Farah Kidwai Richard Pickett Jeffrey Pizzo
Elisabeth McDonald Chip Prince
Mara Pendergrass

De-composer Jonathan Miller and
Jazz-Bass Mark Johnson show their stuff
Maria Daggett, Mark Maimone,
David Green (nee "???") and Edie Rosenbaum
Robo-Greeks: Me and Maria
Getting our sheet together Nothing like a toga party in Avery Fisher:
King Warren Blyden and the gang
Our fealess leader with
blinken-light Harold Rosenbaum

Thai Dinner

Several friends and I met for dinner beforehand at Topaz, a nice Thai restaurant conveniently located right next to Carnegie Hall. Unfortunately this year's show was in Lincoln Center, but what can you do.

Karl takes my picture Karl and Ken, smiling because Sarah Jessica Parker
seems to be sitting at the table behind them.
Kris and Kate enjoyed the seafood and Pad Thai One of Mark and Marlena didn't
go for the spicy food; guess who?
One of Me and Mom didn't go
much for the squid; guess who?

Behind the Green Room

Some shots taken after the concert. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get photos of several other folks, like performers Michèle Eaton and David Düsing, brain-weilding physican Dr. Mark Burns, or web-meisters Lloyd, Susan and Emma Peterson.

Dad, me, Mom, Marlena, and Mark Pete 'n me
Alice 'n me Mark, Marlena, me and Mom
at the Lincoln Center fountain
Mom, Marlena and
Mark at the fountain