Carnegie Mellon Computer Music Group

Related Computer Music Sites

  • The International Computer Music Association Home Page. Rather than repeating links to the other computer music research sites, we direct you to the ICMA home page. This page contains just about everything.
  • Broadband Expert has a nice collection of computer music links.
  • also has pointers to many computer music orgnaizations.
  • Journals and Magazines

  • Computer Music Journal. A widely read journal of computer music research, music reviews, and announcements. Tends to be oriented toward engineering and practical applications.
  • Journal of New Music Research. Scholarly and scientific journal covering computer music, music perception and cognition, musical acoustics, music aesthetics and related areas.
  • Music Perception. Focus is on psychology, but much of this is motivated by and/or applicable to computer music and machine models of music understanding.
  • Electronic Musician. Contains product reviews, how-to articles, basic information on recording, sampling, home studios, etc.
  • Other Computer Music Centers

    This list is not at all complete. Send us a URL if you'd like to be added here.
  • University of Michigan MusEn project.
  • Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).
  • Center For New Music and Audio Technologies at UC Berkeley.
  • Forum Ircam, a Software User Group which gathers more than 1000 users around the world (Universities, Conservatories, Research >Laboratories, Multimedia Studios, composers, sound engineers,...) and offers access to software and services through an annual membership.
  • Jazz on the Internet

  • Jazz Improvisation. University of Wisconsin Madison, Professor Joan Wildman.
  • Jazz: The 1950s - Records & Photography. Hosted by the University of California, Irvine.
  • All About Jazz. Hosted by Same Day Music.
  • Miscellaneous Links