M.S in Music and Technology Curriculum

Course Selection

Music and Technology students work closely with a graduate advisory committee in finding and selecting courses. Masters students are encouraged to take courses in Music, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering and any other department that are not specifically Music and Technology courses. Carnegie Mellon offers a variety of courses across its varied schools, and students have taken a variety of courses including Machine Learning, Multi-Track Recording, Hybrid Instrument Building, and The Roots of Rock and Roll. Students may draw from any number of courses in the pursuit of their degree. Many students also take undergraduate courses to strengthen their knowledge in new areas of study. For an updated selection of current courses (as well as short class descriptions), please see Carnegie Mellon's complete listing of courses here.

Students are expected to have a total of 144 units(roughly 36 units per semester) as follows:

60 Units - Core courses identified by the Graduate Advisory Committee, including at least 24 units of music and 24 of CS or ECE

24 Units - Support courses chosen by the student

18 Units - Thesis research

4 Units - Music and Technology Seminar (1 unit per semester)

26 Units - Electives

Course list

Computer Music Systems and Technology

15-322 Introduction to Computer Music

15-323 Computer Music Systems and Information Processing

60-439 Advanced SIS: Hybrid Instrument Building

Signal Processing

18-290 Signals and Systems

18-491 Digital Signal Processing

18-551 Digital Communication and Signal Processing System Design

18-792 Advanced Digital Signal Processing

18-798 Image, Video, and Multimedia

Music Information Retrieval

11-755 Machine Learning for Signal Processing

15-826 Multimedia Databases and Data Mining

Machine Learning

10-601 or 10-701 Machine Learning

10-705 Intermediate Statistics

Acoustics/Recording/Instrument Design

18-493 Electro-acoustics

57-947 Sound Recording

57-948 Editing and Mastering

57-949 Multi-track Recording

48-726 Acoustics and Lighting

Music Cognition / Perception

85-356/85-756 Music and Mind: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Sound

85-785 Auditory Perception: Sense of Sound

57-377 Psychology of Music

Music Theory

57-441 Analysis of 19th Century Music

57-442 Analytical Techniques

57-430 Music of Iran

57-605 Theory and Analysis for Graduate Students

57-760 Schenkerian Analysis

57-934 Advanced Analytic Techniques

57-968 Post-tonal Theory and Analysis

57-954 Shaping Time in Performance

57-615 Independent Study in Computer Music

57-570 Music and Technology Seminar

57-571 Music & Technology Project

57-572 Music & Technology Project

57-970 Music and Technology Seminar

Music History

57-606 Music History for Graduate Students 1

57-609 Music History for Graduate Students 2

57-209 The Beatles

79-345 The Roots of Rock and Roll


57-721 Studio composition

57-968 20th and 21st Century Compositional Techniques

57-27x Orchestration


57-459 (Graduate) Score Reading/Keyboard Harmony

57-xxx Technologically-assisted performance independent study