Applying to M.S. in Music and Technology program

Students applying to the Master of Science in Music and Technology must submit application and port- folio materials by December 1st, and supporting materials by January 10th. After reviewing application and portfolio materials, faculty will select and contact applicants for portfolio review interviews. Faculty will notify applicants of the results of the interview electronically through the online application system after all candidate meetings have occurred.Decisions are released March 15th, and admitted students will have until April 15th to consider the offer of admission and express intent to enroll.

For any questions or assistance, please contact the School of Music Office of Recruitment and Enrollment at or 412.268.4118.

View the detailed process for applying to M.S. in Music and Technology program

Application and Portfolio (December 1st)

Graduate Music and Technology applicants must first complete the School of Music’s application, along with the $100 application fee, and may also choose to complete a performance audition or to have original compositions and recordings reviewed for consideration by the School of Music. The application fee is non-refundable, unless the application is withdrawn before December 1st.

In addition to the application, Music and Technology faculty reviews applicant portfolios containing the applicant(s) original work, which may include:

- Audio recordings of performances or compositions or that you engineered

- Video recordings of performances or compositions or that you produced or edited

- Software listings for programs that you have written

- Screenshots of your software or other creative work

- Web pages you have created.

It is critical that work be submitted in formats that can be heard on a variety of computers and operat- ing systems. Media choices are limited to:

- Standard audio formats: Wave (.wav), AIFF (.aiff), MP3 (.mp3);

- Common video formats: Quicktime (.mov), MPEG-4 (.mp4);

- Portable document formats: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), HTML (.htm);

- Common image formats: JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif), Portable Network Graphics (.png).

- Collections of Files (e.g. a computer program or a stand-alone set of web pages) may be submitted as a ZIP format archive.

Submissions will be accepted through our Audition Dropbox. Applicants must submit their portfolio by December 1st.

Throughout the month of December, the Music and Technology faculty will review and critique portfolio submissions and select students for interviews. The faculty will forward the results of their review to candidates in early January. If you are invited to an interview, your appointment confirmation must be emailed no less than two weeks before the chosen date. After confirming an interview with applicants, faculty will send final confirmations one week before the scheduled portfolio review.

During the portfolio review interview, applicants will meet with a faculty panel to discuss creative process, background, and future goals. Candidates are not required to prepare or to bring materials or additional items to the appointment.

Supporting Materials (January 10)

In addition to the application and portfolio, applicants must submit the following materials to the School of Music:

- Three letters of recommendation;

- Forward Official Undergraduate Transcripts (desired GPA 3.0)

- Forward Official GRE Score Report

- Forward Official TOEFL scores (applicable of you are an International Student and your native tongue is something other than English)

- Institution Code: 2074, Department Code: 19

- Minimum iBT score: *84

- Subset requirements:

22 in Reading

22 in Listening

18 in Speaking

22 in Writing

All materials must be received by January 10th. Please mail all items to:

Colby Carson

Office of Recruitment and Enrollment, CFA 108

Carnegie Mellon School of Music

5000 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890