Global Laptop Orchestra

The Global Network Orchestra is project of Roger Dannenberg and Tom Neuendorffer.

See Global Laptop Orchestra information on Carnegie Mellon University's page.

We are planning a concert in association with the Ammerman Center 14th Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium at Connecticut College on March 1, 2014.

The performance will consist of 100 performers spread around the world making music together on laptops. Each performer will play, either by just typing keys on a keyboard (each key is a note in the scale, and there's about an octave and a half from "A" to "L" and beyond), or by plugging in a MIDI keyboard. Each performer will construct a set of samples to be their personal instrument. Music will be conducted in various ways: We'll have scrolling graphical scores (like Guitar Hero or a piano roll), directed improvisation, and some drum-circle-like playing.

You can see the locations of our performers via Google Map.

You can visit Global Laptop Orchestra website to get more information.